The following calendar outlines the schedule for special events, dancer workshops, kilt week, and select dance competitions for the next few months.  Check here often, as this page is updated regularly!


Kilt Week


During the regular classes (September to May), there is one week each month which is designated as Kilt Week. All competitive dancers are expected to wear kilts and hose to their Highland class.



Currently not available due to COVID-19 shut-down.


Parents are reminded that they are welcome in the studio to see the progress of their dancer during kilt week. 


During non-kilt week classes, parents are respectfully requested to watch their dancers from the camera/tv provided in the loft.  Parents and siblings waiting in the studio can be disruptive and distracting to the dancers.

Stirling Thistles 


Practices are generally scheduled once a month, on the following scheduled dates:

Stay tuned for 2021 schedule when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted!

If you cannot make it to class, please coordinate with Sherry in advance. 

Theory Classes

Theory Classes are held at the studio once a month, on the following scheduled dates:

Stay tuned for 2021 schedule!

Shows and Events

Please check the board in the loft for shows and events.  These provide a great opportunity for newer dancers to experience dancing in front of an audience, and excellent practice for our experienced and competitive dancers!

Success is no accident.

It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all,

love of what you are doing.

Competitions, Championships & Premierships


There are many sanctioned events for our competitive highland dancers. The following buttons provide links to the 2018 competition lists for events in Canada and the United States.

Please make sure that you discuss your competition plans with Sherry, to make sure that you are prepared to put your best foot forward!


Canadian Event Listing (click below):

US Event Listing (click below):