Our photo gallery is divided into three sections.  


1. Celebrating the accomplishments of our dancers!

2. Performances and Community Events!

3. Special Memories!


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Special Memories

Sim School of Highland Dance promotes an environment where teachers, dancers, families and friends encourage personal goal setting; give recognition for patience, hard work and perseverance; and celebrate the accomplishments that have resulted from our dancers’ dedication and determination. 


During the year, our dancers perform several shows in our Community and throughout Southwestern Ontario.


Dance shows give our new dancers an opportunity to gain confidence on the stage, and demonstrate their talents in front of a receptive audience.  These shows are also a great opportunity for our more experienced dancers to work with and mentor our younger dancers!   


Some of our favourite pictures are the ones that are snapped by our dancers’ greatest fans: moms and dads, brothers and sisters, family and friends who support our dancers. 


This collection of pictures share some special moments ...


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