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The origins of Highland Dancing are shrouded in antiquity, legend--and even the mists of the mountains... but Highland Dancing doesn't need to be a mystery.  The following links are provided to our resource pages to help explain the dances, how competitions work (including the points which are used to score dancers), and BATD exams.  


Now that you are part of our larger Sim School Dance Family, we have also provided a page of helpful links to find dance organizations, dance apparel, accessories and music!


Sim Dancers doing the Highland Fling
Highland and National Dances

A description of the various Highland Dances, National Dances and Character Dances; including: Highland Fling, Sword, Sean Tribuhas, Jig, Hornpipe, Scottish Lilt, Flora MacDonald's Fancy... and more!

Primary Dancer and her teddy bear
Information for New Dancers

Is your dancer ready for competitive dancing? This information will also help new dance families answer those questions about dancer categories, how judging/scoring works, and what to bring to the competitions.

Sim Dancers Logo
Code of Conduct

Sim School of Highland Dance Code of Conduct - Information for Professionals, Dancers and Dance Families.

Dancers on Exam Day
SDTA Exams & Scholarships

SDTA (Scottish Dance Teachers Alliance) Exams are offered at our studio once a year when an examiner is on tour.

This page provides you with FAQs, and the exam schedule.

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Helpful Links & Resources

Our helpful links include various dance associations and organizations!  This is a great way to start your hunt for competition forms.  We have also included links  to help you find dance apparel, accessories and music.


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